High School Information

Selecting appropriate courses involves a careful review of personal interests, strengths, aspirations, academic development and an understanding of post-secondary options. When planning your course of study, please be mindful of course levels, course prerequisites and most importantly graduation requirements. Students should solicit input from their current teacher, department leader, counselor and parents when making choices.

Students should carefully consider the time demands of each course in conjunction with the demands of extracurricular activities and commitments, and then make prudent choices. Over-scheduling, or stretching yourself too thin, puts your ability to have a positive and successful year at risk. The courses you choose can greatly support this balance or it can tilt it off-balance. Student health and well-being is important to us and we recommend that students strive for balance in their lives. Therefore, appropriate course selection and placement decisions ensure a successful high school experience and avoid disruption to a student’s schedule during the school year.

Please take the recommendations made by teachers seriously. They are familiar with each student’s interests, abilities and work habits, as well as the content and expectations of the curriculum. Students who are considering multiple Advanced Placement and/or Honors classes should note the rigorous expectations and demands of these courses.