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High School
Drew Skrocki - School Counselor
[email protected], x1543
Gr. 12, Last Name: A-J
Gr. 11, Last Names: A-E
Gr. 10, Last Name: A-G
Gr. 9, Last Name A-J

Dawn Hall - School Counselor
[email protected] x1547
Gr. 12, Last Name: K-P
Gr. 11, Last Names: F-Q

Gr. 10, Last Name:H-N
Gr. 9, Last Name: J-R

Sara Lamere - School Counselor - Department Leader
[email protected], x1541
Gr. 12, Last Name: Q-Z
Gr. 11, Last Names: R-Z

Gr. 10, Last Name: O-Z
Gr. 9, Last Name: S-Z

Middle School
Katie Bingel - School Counselor
[email protected], x1525

STAAR Program Clinical Care Coordinator
Christine Reale - Adjustment Counselor [email protected] x1546

--------------------------------------------------- School Counseling Administrative Assistant Sharon Schmidt [email protected]x1540


We, the members of the School Counseling Department, hope students and parents will find this site helpful in accessing information via the web.

All students are strongly encouraged to visit their counselor for college/career counseling, as well as, for personal/social counseling as needed. There is an enormous amount of college and career information on the web and hopefully our site will save students and parents time in finding good and helpful information. Suggestions are always welcome. If you know of a good site not included, please let us know.

For more information, please stop by the office and see your counselor.

Upcoming Events
-PSP seminar for 11th graders
-March - MCAS
-May - AP Tests