Staff and Contact Information


High School

Drew Skrocki - School Counselor
[email protected], x1543
Gr. 12, Last Name: A-J
Gr. 11, Last Names: A-E
Gr. 10, Last Name: A-G
Gr. 9, Last Name A-J

Dawn Hall -School Counselor
[email protected] x1547
Gr. 12, Last Name: K-P
Gr. 11, Last Names: F-Q

Gr. 10, Last Name:H-N
Gr. 9, Last Name: J-R

Sara Lamere - School Counselor - Department Leader
[email protected], x1541
Gr. 12, Last Name: Q-Z
Gr. 11, Last Names: R-Z

Gr. 10, Last Name: O-Z
Gr. 9, Last Name: S-Z


Middle School

Katie Bingel - School Counselor, Adjustment Counselor
[email protected], x1525


STAAR Program Clinical Care Coordinator

Christine Reale - Adjustment Counselor [email protected] x1546

--------------------------------------------------- School Counseling Administrative Assistant Sharon Schmidt [email protected]x1540

CEEB Code 220955 (Used for both the SAT and ACT) 

Bromfield School
14 Mass Ave
Harvard, MA 01451



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