Grade 6B246 Snow Leopard Research 
Hello everyone,
Students are making good progress on the class research project and presentation.  I am sharing a link so that you can view the class' progress.  Students will be working on this for 1 - 2 additional classes.  I hope you will notice how they are being thorough about citing all work and information they retrieved from the internet.  
Additionally, working collaboratively as a large group of 20 students has been a challenge for the students, but they have been able to do so with a minimum of frustration.  They have been very effective at managing both their individual and shared responsibilities.  
When the group presentation is finished, students will be recording a screen cast of the presentation that I will be sure to share with everyone.  
Here is the link to access the shared presentation in google docs:
Posted by keith.lavigne On 04 February, 2016 at 9:52 AM