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Dear Bromfield Community:

Students and staff returned to Bromfield on January 2nd looking refreshed and ready to tackle challenges in and out of the classroom.  The first part of 2018 saw our students excel in a myriad of areas and I am excited to share their adventures and achievements over the next several months.  The credit for student success is clearly with the students but their continued excellence would not be possible without the support and guidance of the Bromfield staff, parents, and community.  

As I look at the facilities of Bromfield, I need to commend our maintenance staff who have ensured that our building is clean and did a great job of handling a variety of tasks over the winter break.  I also want to thank the community for supporting the schools as we completed the high school Science room renovations.

I want to encourage the community to look at the Student-Parent Handbook for answers to questions.  In particular, the school operations section on page 1 is very helpful as it contains information about the school calendar, early release days, and the rotation of periods among other things.  You can find the Student-Parent Handbook on the first page of The Bromfield School Website in the lower right hand corner under Shortcuts.

I thank Superintendent Linda Dwight and the School Committee for their support of Bromfield and look forward to a great 2019!


Scott Hoffman


The Bromfield School

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