Technology & Digital Citizenship


Please bring your fully charged iPad every day as we will be using Google Classroom and Google Calendar for our assignments and communication in 7th Grade Mathematics.


DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP                 

Technology comes with a responsibility for appropriate technology use.  “Digital Citizenship is all about using media in a responsible, effective, ethical, participatory, creative, and safe way” (Kelley; 2015).

As we are using iPads in class, please turn off your cell phones and put them away (i.e. in your bag) to help prevent distractions in the classroom.

Please use your iPad in the classroom to actively participate with the class and contribute to the conversation.  Be sure to get permission from the teacher before taking photos or videos showing yourself or classmates. In addition, be respectful and Flip when Told during times iPads are not being used and only surf the internet when you are instructed to do so by the teacher.

The 7th Grade Team  iPad expectations are listed below to help promote Digital Citizenship

  1. I understand the iPad is an academic tool provided by the Harvard Public School System for school use only.

  2. I will carry, store, and use the iPad safely, responsibly and with care paying attention to potential hazards such as water damage.

  3. I will report any damage immediately.

  4. I will use the iPad for academic purposes in appropriate settings (not on the bus, at lunch, outdoors, etc.).

  5. I will only allow authorized people (school personnel and parents) to handle my iPad without teacher or parent permission.

  6. I will use “school email” for academic purposes only and will keep communication positive and on topic.

  7. When I submit any digital responses, they will always be school-appropriate and on-topic.

  8. I will only use the iPad as directed by the teacher during class time.

  9. I will use the camera and video for academic purposes only.  Photos may be subject to random inspections.

  10. I am responsible for bringing my iPad to school every day, fully charged.