Classroom Expectations and Procedures

Mr. Desarro - 7th Grade Mathematics


Maintain a supply of paper, pencils, multi-color pens/pencils, and an inexpensive scientific calculator during the school year.

Setup and maintain a separate three ring binder (i.e. 1.5 inch width) with paper and dividers for the following three sections:

  1. Class notes, graphic organizers and supporting handouts
  2. Corrected quizzes, tests and any homework assignments outside of your Glencoe worktext
  3. Your current homework assignment if it is not from your Glencoe worktext


    It is expected students will follow school rules on a daily basis to conduct themselves respectfully in the classroom for contributing to a conducive learning environment.

    BE S.M.A.R.T. !

    • Say please and thank you
    • Make friends and be thoughtful
    • Arrive on time, prepared, and ready to learn
    • Respect yourself and others
    • Try your best!

Please bring your GLENCOE consumable text, math binder and fully charged iPad to class everyday as we will be accessing Google Classroom and Google Calendar regarding assignments and communication in 7th Grade Mathematics.


My Bromfield “Teacher Page” serves as a central location for communication regarding the Assignment Calendar, Google Classroom, GLENCOE Math as well as additional resources.


Extra help is available Monday - Thursday after school until 3:00 p.m. Please check with me in advance to verify there are no after school meetings occurring that day which would prevent me from providing after school extra help.  Extra help will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.


It is the student’s responsibility for obtaining and making up missed work during periods of absence.  If an assessment is missed, it is the student’s responsibility to discuss with me an appropriate time to make up the missed assessment.  In accordance with Bromfield School Policy, missed assessments must be made up on the first day a student returns to school.  In addition, students have  their “Lifeline Communication Form” established the first day of school with telephone numbers and Email contacts regarding a “math homework buddy” and a  “math alternate homework buddy” to verify, discuss, study and obtain assignments in the event of loss or absence (to assist with making up work).  In the event of a planned absence (i.e. family vacations while school is in session), students may obtain and make up missed work when they return to school from a planned absence.


Term grades are determined by a homework/participation grade, extra credit and scores on your quizzes and tests.  We generally have a weekly quiz and a test following the completion of a unit.  Students earning less than 70% on a test are encouraged to complete a retake in an effort to increase their score to a 70%.  Students anticipating a need for extra time on assessments may complete the unfinished portion of the assessment after school on the same day as the assessment from 2:20 PM until 3:00 PM.  Please pre-plan your availability and transportation arrangements in the event you may need to complete an assessment after school the same day it is given.  In addition, please see me ahead of time if you anticipate any conflicts regarding an upcoming quiz or test.


Homework is assigned most nights to practice and reinforce skills learned in class.  We review homework in class daily.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and take notes during homework review where they encountered problems in preparation for the upcoming assessment.  As homework is not collected and reviewed for accuracy, it is the student’s responsibility to actively correct any mistakes on your homework and seek help as necessary


Extra credit will be available but not on an individual student basis.

DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP                 

Technology comes with a responsibility for appropriate technology use.  “Digital Citizenship is all about using media in a responsible, effective, ethical, participatory, creative, and safe way” (Kelley; 2015). As we are using iPads in class, please turn off your cell phones and put them away (i.e. in your bag) to help prevent distractions in the classroom. Please use your iPad in the classroom to actively participate with the class and contribute to the conversation.  Be sure to obtain permission from the teacher before taking photos or videos showing yourself or classmates. In addition, be respectful and Flip when Told during times iPads are not being used and only surf the internet when you are instructed to do so by the teacher. Please reference the “7th Grade Team” iPad expectations promoting Digital Citizenship regarding appropriate care and use of your iPads.