Middle School Art Courses

Art 6

The most basic elements of design will be reinforced through specific projects. Art, as a representation of various cultures will also be explored. The initial three concepts of design elements, line, shape, and color, will be mastered through drawing lessons. Art History is introduced and a collaborative effort is made to connect with grade six social studies Ancient to Medieval Art.

Art 7

The art of different cultures throughout time is recreated utilizing a wide variety of materials implementing the design elements and principles. This global exposure of introducing art is the best way to simultaneously foster a sensitivity and education about people who are different. The materials used for the curriculum are green. We are committed to creating art from recycled materials.

Art 8

This course is required of eighth grade students. It presents a balanced program of offerings in art and craft. Projects will emphasize the use of the elements of design and art as a community activity. Upon completion of eighth grade, students will have a complete knowledge and understanding of design elements and principles in addition to having the ability to self-critique and assess other student’s work constructively by using the proper language. This assessment skill is necessary and valuable to the high school art student. The most effective way to enhance this skill is by giving the student an introduction to Art History and Appreciation. Having the ability to articulate on art is a lifelong skill toward a keen sense of esthetics. The curriculum is designed so that students are more independent thinkers and allowed choice.

Fine And Performing Arts Department