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World Geography (Grade 10)
Course Credit:1
Duration:Full Year

This course for sophomores is intended to serve as an overall introduction to the major cultural, economic, historical and physical aspects of the study of world geography today. The major cultural and political regions of the world will be studied including the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, the Commonwealth of Independent States and former Soviet Republics, and selected regions of Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Themes such as globalization, technology, global health issues, economic disparity, terrorism, and emerging economies will be treated throughout the year. An interdisciplinary, (English/social studies), research project on a global issue will be completed second semester.

Textbook Titles: World Geography, (Prentice Hall)
Varied readings, supplemental units

Economics – Honors (Grades 11 & 12)
Course Credit:1
Duration:Full Year

This course offers an introduction to Micro, Macro, and International economics. It is designed to give students an understanding of the principles of economics that apply to the functions of individual decision- makers, both consumers and producers, within the larger economic system. Both Monetary Policy and The Federal Reserve System, in conjunction with Fiscal Policy and the Role of the Executive and Legislative Branches will be a major component of the course. Fundamental economic concepts such as supply and demand will be used to analyze a market economy. Special emphasis will be placed upon financial markets and institutions. A semester project will be required.

Textbook Title: Foundations of Economics, Robin Bade & Michael Parkin

Criminal Law (Grades 11 & 12)
Course Credit:1/2
Duration:1st semester

This course is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive look at America’s Criminal Justice System. We will focus on the immense crime problem, both in number and degree of severity that plagues U.S. society. In conjunction with the above, we will examine the interrelationships of the various parts of the Criminal Justice System. The course will contain extensive, up-to-date coverage of criminal justice in the U.S. within the five major units of study which include, Introduction to the Criminal Justice System, Entry into the Criminal Justice System, Processing a Criminal Case, Confinement and Corrections, and Juvenile Justice. Of central importance to the course will be the utilization of guest speakers, case studies, legal research papers, and the implementation of moot courts and mock trials.

Textbook Titles: Criminal Justice, Sue Titus Reid
Annual Edition Criminal Justice, John J. Sullivan & Joseph L Victor, Editors

Civil Law (Grades 11 & 12)
Course Credit:1/2
Duration:2nd semester

This course is designed to provide the student with an overall view of Civil Law. We will concentrate on determining a citizen’s legal rights and obligations in a variety of common activities. This course will begin with an introduction to Constitutional Law, and progress into private law issues. Topics examined include: The Evolution of Private Law/Criminal Law, The Participation of Citizens, The Contributions of Lawyers, Lawsuits and Civil Suits, and The Role of the Courts.
The course then will conclude with an observation of the discussion within the civil law system which will encompass: Contract and Commercial Law, Tort Law, Property Law, and Corporate/Business Law. Of central importance will be the use of guest speakers, case studies, legal research papers, and the implementation of moot courts and mock trials.

Textbook Title: The Rights of Students, A.C.L.U.

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