EMT Courses

EMT Courses

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training
Course Credit:1
Duration:1 year (evening and weekend hours)

As part of a special waiver to Massachusetts’ E.M.T. certification guidelines, Bromfield students, ages 15-18, may participate with community adults in a Harvard Ambulance Service sponsored E.M.T.-Basic Training course. Course participants spend approximately 150 hours on a combination of classroom lectures, practical skill sessions, and riding as assistants on ambulance calls. Topics such as basic human anatomy, general pharmacology, respiratory and cardiovascular emergencies, disease-related medical conditions, environmental and behavioral emergencies, musculoskeletal care, soft tissue injuries, trauma and infant and child trauma are covered in the class. Upon successful completion of the course, students take the state written and practical exams for full E.M.T.-B certification.

Emergency Medical Technician Year 2/3
Course Credit: 1/2
Duration: Semester-offered both semesters (pass/fail)

Students who have completed the E.M.T.-B training program are encouraged to remain active members of the Harvard Ambulance Service. E.M.T.-Year 2/3 requirements support certified E.M.T.s in maintaining their certification. Year 2/3 students accrue at least 16 continuing education credits and teach a practical skills class each semester. All students are expected to remain Harvard Ambulance Service members in good standing.

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