Middle School Digital Arts Courses

Computer Technology Grade 6

Students will be introduced to the history of the computer, its many uses, and components. In addition, students will develop competency using basic computer tools to support important skills for work in other academic subjects.
  • A keyboarding program will be used to practice proper keyboarding techniques. These skills will be applied to all course work and emphasized throughout the year.
  • Students will work with the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher.
  • Safe and effective strategies for using the Internet and school network will be incorporated into projects.
Many assignments will be curriculum based, directly supporting content in the core academic areas.

Computer Technology Grade 7

Students will expand their knowledge of computing tools, and continue to develop mastery level skills in some areas. Students will:
  • Use word processing to create a variety of print projects
  • Design spreadsheets and databases
  • Create charts and graphs to present data
  • Understand and apply HTML to create web pages
  • Develop presentations
  • Introduce electronic mail as an efficient communications tool
  • Demonstrate safe and efficient methods for using the Internet including critical analysis of content, and ethics related to copyright and plagiarism.
In addition, students will explore the basic operating components of a computer as well as some history about the rapid development of computer technology and its impact on society.

Computer Technology Grade 8

This class offers students opportunities to apply their expanding technological skills to more complex projects. Applications using HTML and programs such as Inspiration and Publisher will also be part of the class projects which are integrated into grade level curriculum. Students will create web pages and publications that integrate photos, images and language. Research on the Internet will continue to emphasize how to use search engines effectively to find relevant, unbiased and current information on a subject.

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