Glencoe Math Consumable WorkText & Math eBook
Students will be issued (one copy of each)  Glencoe Math consumable worktexts (volume 1 and volume 2) where one copy will remain in the classroom when the other is in use.  Please write your name in both of the consumable worktexts to help safeguard from loss.

Glencoe Math - Course 2 - National Common Core Edition
ISBN  Volume 1:  978-0-02-144789-3       c.  2015
ISBN  Volume 2:  978-0-02-130152-2       c.  2015

In addition, each student will be issued a username and password to access the Glencoe Math consumable worktexts online as a Math eBook.  Please maintain the privacy of your username and password and keep the information in a safe place for reference.